Publication news!

Invited Review Article in Materials Horizons (IF 14.4). A. Moreno and M.H. Sipponen. Lignin-based smart materials: a roadmap to processing and synthesis for current and future applications.

In this Review Article we visit a plethora of different lignin-based smart materials that are designed to respond to various stimuli and enable advanced use in sensors, drug delivery, and shape-memory materials. We also provide our perspectives for the future horizons of this rapidly developing field. See more online at:

New project

SUSMATCHEM group has obtained a research grant to develop lignin-based water resistance coatings (mainly for wood but we like the photo below). We will be recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow for this project. Stay tuned for more information about the recruitment in autumn 2020. We are grateful for support from Södras Stiftelse för Forskning, Utveckling och Utbildning.

Water-repellent coatings have broad use from textiles to wood protection.

Lignin-based hybrid materials are receiving attention

Following a recent publication by Sipponen and co-workers from Aalto University, several websites have covered the research related to thermal energy storage in lignin-fatty acid hybrid materials.

This sets a bright future for continued efforts to develop functional materials from lignin.

Link to the original Open Access publication: