The first research Article from the group published in Nature Communications

Our first research Article has been published in Nature Communications. We developed multifunctional lignin-based biocatalytic nanoparticles for the stabilization of Pickering emulsion polymerization.

Congratulations for Adrian for great work with this article.

Read the article (and the supplementary information) here:

New VR Starting Grant Project “LIGNOMEMB”

Assist. Prof. Mika Sipponen was awarded a Starting Grant from Vetenskapsrådet / Swedish Research Council to develop biocatalytic membranes based on colloidal lignin nanoparticles. The SUSMATCHEM group is proud of our PI for being among the six recipients of this prestigious grant in Stockholm University this year. The project will start in January 2021. Stay tuned for opening of a PhD Student position and other news.

New group members!

We are delighted to welcome Jinrong Liu and Mohammad Morsali (left and right) as the new PhD Students to the SUSMATCHEM group. Jin and Moh will be working in projects focusing on development of new types of lignin-based materials. Excited to have you both in place at MMK after months of waiting!

Jinrong Liu and Mohammad Morsali.

Publication news!

Invited Review Article in Materials Horizons (IF 14.4). A. Moreno and M.H. Sipponen. Lignin-based smart materials: a roadmap to processing and synthesis for current and future applications.

In this Review Article we visit a plethora of different lignin-based smart materials that are designed to respond to various stimuli and enable advanced use in sensors, drug delivery, and shape-memory materials. We also provide our perspectives for the future horizons of this rapidly developing field. See more online at:

New project

SUSMATCHEM group has obtained a research grant to develop lignin-based water resistance coatings (mainly for wood but we like the photo below). We will be recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow for this project. Stay tuned for more information about the recruitment in autumn 2020. We are grateful for support from Södras Stiftelse för Forskning, Utveckling och Utbildning.

Water-repellent coatings have broad use from textiles to wood protection.