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The SUSMATCHEM group in the spotlight

We are recruiting!

6 open positions


4 PhD Student positions are currently open and 2 Postdoctoral Fellow positions about to open for applications in the group. Read more here.

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The group is delighted to announce awarding of the ERC Starting Grant 2022 to Mika among a total of 12 recipients in Sweden.


The project is titled "Circular lignin materials from well-defined functional building blocks (CIRCULIG)"

More about this news here and here and here.

A list of all recipients of the 2022 ERC-StG is available here.


Group trip Åland 2022.jpg


Happy times and excellent team spirit in our summer retreat in the beautiful Åland island in June 2022. It was a nice gathering in sunny city of Mariehamn.



The group has received a grant from Carl Tryggers Stiftelse for the development of lignin-based circular materials. The scientific foundation for this project is set in our recent OA publication.

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We wish to support Ukrainian early-career researchers via the Horizon Europe MSCA4Ukraine action.

Interested applicants can reach out Mika or apply online via:


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Glad to share this news about a new collaborative project with Marlene Ågerstrand and Tiina Häyhä to study circularity of forest materials. It will be a unique opportunity to interact with the three research units and contribute to the SUCCeSS centre. Read more about the project here.



We are delighted to announce that the SUSMATCHEM group has been chosen as a recipient of the FORMAS grant from the Annual open call 2021 – Research projects for early-career researchers. This award celebrates the entire team’s dedication and excellent work.

We will work on agricultural applications for lignin nano/micro materials in collaboration with Edouard Pesquet (Stockholm University), Bruno D. Mattos (Aalto University) and Orlando Rojas (UBC).



The Foundation for Strategic Research has appointed at total of 16 Research Leaders of the Future, and one of them is MMK’s own Assistant Professor Mika H. Sipponen, for his research on “Lignin-based functional materials for a sustainable future” This prestigious program ensures sustainable growth of the group with generous funding of SEK 15 million during the years 2022−2027.

Read more here


Adrian farewell dinner 2021_2.jpg


Adrian Moreno, the SUSMATCHEM postdoc no. 1 is departing the group. It’s been amazing two years and the group wishes you safe and colorful cooking and success in your future endeavors. Thanks Adrian for the good times!

Federica Ferruti.jpg


During 2021-2022 we hosted several visitors and exchange students. One of them was Federica Ferruti, a visiting PhD student for Erasmus Traineeship within a fruitful collaboration with Prof. Luca Zoia Prof. Heiko Lange from Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca.

Researchers at Stockholm University have discovered an easy route to produce functional nanoparticles based on renewable lignin and fatty acids. The new methodology opens new opportunities for development of sustainable materials. Read more here.

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