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SUSMATCHEM - Sipponen Lab

Sustainable Materials Chemistry

Photo 14 CLPs
photo 16 vitrimer
photo 17 vitrimer
photo 18 polymer synthesis
photo 21 ontes
photo 19 polymer synthesis
Photo 1
photo 18 polymer synthesis
photo 20 lab work
photo 16 vitrimer
Photo 23 CLP underwater DALL-E
Photo 9 forest green
Photo 11 SU campus spring

The group develops sustainable materials based on industrial side streams and residues. One of the focus areas is lignin-based functional materials, including colloidal lignin particles. We also carry out fundamental research on structure, properties, and performance of these materials in diverse applications.

We are located at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry in the Frescati Campus of Stockholm University, 10 minutes from the city center.

Group photo August 2023_crop.jpg


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